New Holland T6070

new holland t6070

The New Holland T6070 tractor was built between 2007 and 2012. It was known for its affordability and ease of handling.

While the standard T6070 featured a 141PS New Holland engine, the Elite option featured a Fiat Power Train (FPT) Tier 3 engine, the single-fuel capability of which is beneficial to the tractor. With a relatively smaller stature, which measures 453 cm in length, 191 cm in width and 277 cm in height, the T6070 is not expected to produce a maximum of 150 hp.

The New Holland T6070 was equipped with a Active Electro Command transmission. It had four ranges divided into four gears, but the top range featured a fifth gear, which provided an eco-friendly gear perfect for transport applications. Other notable features of the transmission were the programmable gearshift for loader work and the automatic transmission in field / highway mode, which made handling easier.

The cab features on this tractor were said to help make long days in the field easier: good lighting control layout, a luxurious air suspension cushioned seat, and a cab suspension that makes the operator more comfortable. stay comfortable even on difficult meadows.

Another thing that made the New Holland T6070 known for its ease of handling was its simple controls. The lift controls were integrated into the armrest, a single gear lever for range shifts and two buttons for gear changes within ranges. There were also color-coded rear controls that matched the colors of the cab and rear of the tractor.

In terms of ease of service and maintenance, the tractor had a one-piece hood that allowed good access for cleaning the cooling units. The oil fill / dipstick was located on the left side, serving as a handy reminder for operators in their daily checks. For its part, the hydraulic oil used a sight glass at the rear and had grease nipples at the movable steering points at the front. It also had additional connections for the starter on the right side.

A good spec tractor that aged like wine, the T6070 is best suited as a cargo tractor due to its sloping hood, transparent roof panel and good forward visibility from the large four-pillar cab.

New Holland t6070plus
New Holland t6070plus

New Holland

  1. New Holland T 6070 Elite
  2. New Holland T 6070 Plus
  3. New Holland T 6070 RC

Who should buy a New Holland T6070

The New Holland T6070 is a powerful tractor in a small package that performs best for delicate loading tasks.


The New Holland T6070 has a number of features that make long days in the field easy. In terms of ease of handling, the New Holland scored highest in this area, being the easiest of the tractors to get on and get to work.

This is due to the simplicity of the controls, the elevator controls integrated into the armrest, the single gear lever for range changes, the two button options for gear changes within the ranges and the controls Clearly color-coded rear panels, with corresponding colors in the cab and at the rear of the tractor.


All information on the New Holland T6070 is displayed on or around the dash; just scroll to see the options. In the rear right corner of the cab there are a variety of electrical connections.

A New Holland problem in the past has been the mounting of the air conditioning controls to the rear left of the cab, which is difficult to access. They are now mounted to the top right of the cab alongside the standard fitted Bluetooth radio, providing a more natural position when working with rear mounted implements.

New Holland t6070 1
New Holland t6070 1


New Holland uses a closed-loop load sensing system (CCLS) on the New Holland T6070 tractors, and the Elite model offers 113 lt / min of hydraulic flow, enough for the most demanding hydraulic loads. To make sure this is not compromised, a second pump takes over the steering, producing another 40 lt / min. Three mechanical rear controls are included as standard, with a choice of more or electro-hydraulic controls.


With the lift setup, you don’t want to waste time changing attachments. The New Holland T6070 has this aspect well resolved. An upper link bracket that does not get in the way of implements is always a good start and a good length on the lower links makes it easy to connect attachments.

Lifting capacity is important, with 7.8T available, which should be sufficient for most. It was enough for the five meter Falc rotary harrow and the Alpego cracker that we tested the tractors with.

  • A simple and easy-to-handle tractor, with a number of features that make daily work easier.
  • Solid performance that offers good power for the initial purchase price.
  • Long maintenance intervals, keeping total cost of ownership low.
  • Good lift, great lift capacity, easy-to-adjust stabilizers and good third-point system.


New Holland t6070
New Holland t6070

“Tractor is a long wheel base Range Command, 40km, terraglide front axle, mechanical spool valves. Tractor is used 95% of time to tow a vertical auger manure spreader, 15-16 tonnes of manure, 8 tonnes of trailer. Requires every horsepower under the bonnet. The tractor has been very reliable, as per my T6030 range command, and T7.200 range command. Mechanical faults: viscous fan bearing @ 150hrs, hyd. pressure pump @ 2400hrs (both warranty work). Cons: – Teir 3 torque from 1400rpm is nowhere as good as new Teir 4 T.7.200 – No control for 3PL implement lift rate. Would help to “feather out” as we lift a long pre-ripper/cultitiller/seed drill outfit. Good control of everything else. I would recommend a T6000/T7 range command tractor to anyone.”

Powerful Engine, has a large fuel tank, very fast, plus per unit and fuel system, really big and powerful engine, effective but still average (typical) unit, good value and performance for the price and costs, falls well if we compare costs and performance, number of cylinders is a differentiator, nominal turnover work on an ideal level, turbo engine, Final cooler air, powered by 12V starter, large battery 24V, charging alternator, lighting rather typical, very good PTO, no emergency brake assist, disc brakes, wet, heavy equipment, for large farms, a good 4WD, front drive axle, power transmitted and shared dynamically on both axles, hydrostatic control, capacity exceeding 4 tonnes, synchronization, power shift, advanced transmission, electrohydraulic controls on Plus, it has two clutches, changing gears under load , machanizm reversible, hydrostatic transmission, reversing machanizm, a lot of gears forward, a very large number of gears back

we have both a 6070 and a 6050-like the 6070 better with the extra hp. and the electronic govoneer. No issues with it but we don’t use the loader much -it is backup to our payloader. We only have about 1500 hours on it-we put it on our feed wagon in the winter because of the FWA. Like the automatic diff lock and other features-dislike location of hydraulic levers when on feedwagon . Have a good dealer in area-was cheaper to buy new with Poet ethanol incentives than used!

T6070 Elite is a common rail engine, 140hp off boost and up to 178hp with boost. Boost on these is not an on-off thing once light is on on the dash, it will only apply required increase based on inputs from the driveline in relation to PTO load, hydraulic load and if you are on the road, it was only available in Auto mode but I think that’s changed now on later models.

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